Are you open yet?

We will be launching Fall 2019. Register to put your name on THE VIP LIST to be the first to be alerted when tickets go on sale for VIP Access.

Where will The Premiere™ be located?

The Premiere™ will be located in Manhattan and the exact location will be revealed soon. Register to put your name on THE VIP LIST to be the first to know!

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased directly through our website as soon as sales go live. Those registered on THE VIP LIST will get priority access to ticket sales and preferred dates and times.

How much are tickets?

Standard Tickets are $79.00 per person.

How long does the experience last?

The experience lasts 90 minutes.

What exactly will I be doing?

You will be acting on set in a live-action movie in a green-screen film studio. After the shoot, you will walk the red carpet, and be interviewed by our correspondent about your experience. Then get ready to watch yourself on the big screen as you attend the red carpet movie premiere of the film you just shot with your friends, family, and co-stars.

Is The Premiere™ kid-friendly? What is the suggested age-range?

We are a family-friendly attraction. The Premiere™ was designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages! We strongly recommend that children be at least 5 years of age to enter the attraction.

Will I really be acting in a movie? Do I have to memorize lines?

Yes, you will really be acting in a live-action short movie, which is an original film concept created by the Premiere™. You do not have to memorize any lines ahead of time

What should I wear? Will I be wearing a costume?

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. We recommend wearing sneakers. Try not to wear the color GREEN. The wardrobe department may outfit you with props and accessories depending on your scene and role.

I think this would be a great field trip for a school. Is The Premiere™ educational?

Absolutely! The Premiere™ is an amazing introduction to expose students to acting, cinema, filmmaking and improvisation. Contact us for more details on field trips and educational programming.

Is The Premiere™ appropriate for a corporate group and for team-building?

Yes! The Premiere™ is perfect as a corporate event and team-building opportunity. Colleagues will collaborate and bond in a one of-a-kind experience that will be treasured for years to come. Contact us for more information on our Corporate Experiences.

Who will be seeing the movie? Will someone be taking my picture on the red carpet?

The movie will be screened in our on-site cinema for everyone who was a part of your group. Pictures will be taken by our professional photographers, while you walk the red carpet heading into your premiere.

How do I get a copy of the movie and my red carpet pictures?

A trailer version of the movie made at The Premiere™ will be included for every guest. The full movie, photos from the red carpet and other fun souvenir items from The Premiere™ will be available for purchase at our Walk of Fame Gift Shop.

Do you offer private events?

Absolutely! The Premiere™ was created out of an original private event concept and our Event & Catering Team is available to help make your special event one to remember. Contact us for more information on our Private Experiences.

Is there any food available at The Premiere™ ?

There will be concession items available for purchase before entering the movie premiere. No outside food and beverage is allowed. For special events, we offer a full menu of catering options.

I’m interested in corporate sponsorship or investment. What can I do?

There will be a number of corporate sponsorship and branding opportunities within the Premiere™ with tremendous brand exposure and consumer interaction. Please contact Craig Saslow at for more information on sponsorship and regarding investment opportunities. You can also visit our investment page HERE.


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